2 years ago

O que é Big Data?

Embora o termo "big data" seja relativamente novo, o ato de recolher e armazenar grandes quantidades de informa read more...

2 years ago

ForwardThink Group Announces Master Data Management Offering


Group, one of the fastest-growing management and IT consultancies in

the NYC area, announced today that it has created a master data

management (MDM) offering for customers in the fin

2 years ago


By Dr. Philip Brotman

When we speak of neurotechnology, we refer to those devices and techniques capable of producing changes in the electrical activity of the user's brain. When these occur, we may experience deep, stress-relieving relaxa read more...

2 years ago

Can You Get Your Own FBI NCIC Record? by Ingvar Grimsmo

We all want to know what scoop "Big Brother" has on us in their databases. Especially the FBI. Here's how you can get your own FBI file.

First a clarification: The FBI maintains the NCIC database. It does NOT keep a file on every American. read more...

2 years ago

Integration Architecture Explained

What is Integration Architecture?

In a well-designed building, the electrics and plumbing usually keep working no matter how many appliances are switched on. Such a building is also capable of extension without having to tear up the bluepr read more...

2 years ago

Making Sense of Big Data in Real Time: Metamarkets CEO Michael Driscoll to Speak at Data 2.0 Summit.

SAN FRANCISCO -- Metamarkets, a leader in big data analytics for

online companies, today announced that Michael Driscoll, CEO, will

discuss the growing need for real-time data at the Data 2.0 Summit.

The panel, "Real-Time Data